northern lights near snow coated mountains

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Adventures by Cyndi Travel

Travel to see these Ice blue glacier with streaks of black

Explore Alaska at your own pace or with a group. We have the perfect itinerary to fit your travel style. She is waiting for you to explore her.

Alaska is a sight to behold, from the icy blue glaciers to the purples, greens, & blues of the Northern Lights.

Travel to see the northern lights near snow coated mountains
Photo by Tobias Bjørkli on Pexels.com

My Specialities

Active Travel

family on bikes

Enjoy one of our many active, focused itineraries. Great for solos, couples, families, and groups. Everything from biking, hiking, & multi-activity itineraries. Custom or premade trips allow different-paced guests to enjoy their journey at their own pace.

Adventure Travel

Adventures travel scuba diving

Experience one of our epic adventures in a remote or exceptional destination. Take part in activities outdoors involving levels of risk or a preceded risk. Emurse yourself in the local culture while making lasting connections along the way. Great for solos, couples, families, and group journies.

Leisure Travel

leisure travel lounging In Front of clear aqua water

Travel centered around relaxation, fun, & doing what you never have time to do at home. Visit an All-Inclusive resort, take the cruise you have been talking about since last year, or head to Europe for a fabulous food and wine tour. The important part is doing what you love in new surroundings. Great for solos, couples, families, and groups