Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

line) regarding testing and documentation requirements. If you do not adhere to current regulations or provide any required testing results or documentation, you may be denied boarding, entry, and/or return to the United States or your country of residence. It is your sole responsibility to be aware of and adhere to all such requirements. You understand that it is your responsibility to check the latest travel information advisories and requirements from CDC regarding COVID-19 and requirements for any related travel advisory.



We are in no way responsible for passenger testing. Airlines are not responsible for testing. You understand that there is uncertainty regarding the availability of proper testing in destination countries for return to the United States. You are aware that screening procedures and restrictions may take place at airports and in public areas. Restrictions may include mandatory face coverings and/or temperature checks in airports, hotels, cruise ships, trains or other means of transport. You are aware that immigration restrictions may be put in place before or during travel that could impede
your ability to enter/exit your destination as planned. If you decline to purchase travel insurance that includes coverage for medical needs while traveling and coverage for trip delay, you assume all personal and financial loss should you cancel your trip or suffer losses during the course of travel. Insurance claims will only be paid for covered reasons stated in the insurance policy. We reference what we know as current CDC guidelines for Covid-19. Policies may change before your travel, during your travel, and after your travel return. Countries outside the United States and/or suppliers, including airlines and hotels, may have different guidelines for travel during a pandemic or epidemic. It is your responsibility to be aware of any pandemic or epidemic related restrictions. You are aware of all travel warnings; travel restrictions and rules and you understand the risks. You accept them and hold us harmless for any travel restrictions, death, illness, cancellations by suppliers, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, tour agencies or any other travel provider including financial loss, quarantining rules or measures put in place at airports or destinations you travel through. Further, you hold us harmless for any financial penalties or fees imposed by suppliers, airlines, cruise lines, tour agencies or any other travel provider due to cancellations or postponements due to COVID-19 and you agree not to institute a credit card charge back for such legitimate penalties or fees. We are not responsible for acts or omissions or suppliers or their failure to adhere to their own schedules, providing services or refunds, financial default, or failure to honor trip credits. And, we have no special knowledge about the financial condition of suppliers, and we have no liability for recommending a trip credit or a refund.

You understand that concerns or fear of travel are not a covered reason for cancellation relating to the Coronavirus Covid-19. Insurance claims will only be paid for covered reasons as stated in the insurance policy. You hold us harmless for your election to not purchase travel insurance and hold us harmless for denial of claim by insurer as it relates to COVID-19 or any other claim under the policy. Please note that insurance policies have a specific clause stating that they do not cover epidemics and pandemics, especially when travel warnings are in place.

Force Majeure and Post Covid Travel
We shall not be liable for any circumstances beyond our control, including, but not limited to, acts of God, explosions, flood, forceful wind, fire or accident, war or threat of war, declared or undeclared, acts of terrorism, sabotage, insurrection, riots, strikes, civil disobedience, sickness, epidemics, pandemics, quarantines, government intervention, weather conditions, defects in machinery or vehicles, delays or other unforeseen events
(collectively, “Force Majeure”). We shall not be liable to you and shall not provide any refunds caused by delay or non-performance of any obligation under this agreement to the extent any such delay is due to Force Majeure. If any of our travel Suppliers are affected by Force Majeure, they shall be entitled at their sole discretion to vary or cancel any itinerary or arrangement in relation to your trip without notice.

Passports, Visas and Driver’s Licenses
It is your responsibility to be familiar with the laws and rules governing any visit to any country or region. We may be able to assist you in acquiring the necessary travel documents upon your request. It is not our responsibility to determine if any such documents are required. We will not be held responsible in any way if you fail to have the proper Visas and/or documentation for entry into any country or region. It is your responsibility to determine which documents are needed and to acquire that documentation. If an accident occurs and you seek assistance from us, any and all
alternate arrangements will be your financial responsibility. It is your responsibility to ensure your passports are up to date and valid to enter any country. It is not our responsibility to determine the validity of your passport or any other travel document to enter any country or region.

In case of a dispute between the Parties relating to or arising out of this Agreement, the Parties shall first attempt to resolve the dispute personally
and in good faith. If these personal resolution attempts fail, the Parties shall then submit the dispute to binding arbitration. The arbitration shall be
conducted in the following:

County of Porter, State of INDIANA. The arbitration shall be conducted by a single arbitrator, and such arbitrator shall have no authority to add parties, vary the provisions of this Agreement, award punitive damages, or certify a class. The arbitrator shall be bound by applicable and governing Federal law as well as the law of the State of INDIANA, County of Porter. Each Party shall pay their own costs and fees. Claims necessitating arbitration under this section

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