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Leisure travel is traveling for vacation, relaxation, or to enjoy leisure activities (USAToday). It differs from business travel in that it is done for recreation or pleasure rather than work-related activities. People often visit destinations known for their natural beauty, museums, amusement parks, and other attractions. Popular leisure destinations include theme parks, beaches, historical sites, national parks, and remote locations. Transportation methods may include air travel, road trips, bus excursions, and boat trips. Accommodations usually include hotels, resorts, villas, or cabins.

All-Inclusive Resorts
Ocean and River Cruises
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Adventures by Cyndi specializes in custom itineraries. We work with the best names in the travel industry to give our clients their idea of the perfect vacation. Our most popular trips are cruises, all-inclusive resorts, and guided tours. We have experience serving couples, families of all sizes, and small groups.

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Are Leisure Travel Packages Worth it?

Yes, leisure travel packages allow travelers to bundle flights, accommodations, car rentals, travel protection, and even activities to give you more significant savings. We can even customize most travel packages to suit your travel style.

What is the All-Fun Inclusive® Program?

The ALL-FUN INCLUSIVE® program redefines the traditional all-inclusive plan into a more complete experience. In addition to day and nighttime activities and elegantly crafted cuisine at the resort, you can enjoy full access to Experiencias Xcaret’s nature parks and tours, as well as each of their dining plans.

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