What Families Want in a Vacation

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As a Family Vacation Expert, I understand what families want in a vacation. First, today’s families tend to have highly packed schedules The thought of spending weeks planning a 10-day family vacation can be more trouble than it’s worth. That is why hiring a travel advisor that specializes in family vacations is a lifesaver.

The reason families invest in their family with a vacation together, is because they want to reconnect with each other in a fun and exciting destination. More importantly, they want an experience each member will enjoy and make lifelong memories.

With active grandparents wishing to share experiences with their children and grandchildren, budget-friendly vacations are always a plus. Travel can range from theme parks, cruises, all-inclusive resorts, and National Parks.

Anyone can book a family vacation, but as a Family Vacation Expert, I listen to what my clients say or are not saying to discover the perfect vacation for them. Over the years, I have planned several family vacations for family units of all sizes. These vacations include all-inclusive resorts, theme parks, and national parks.

My clients’ favorite itinerary includes downtime to recharge after a long day of fun. Being able to build itineraries that are perfect for families with children of mixed age groups is a specialty of mine.

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