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My husband works in the motion picture industry on the exhibition side; basically, he runs an IMAX multiplex theater. In 2015, he was awarded manager of the year for his area. The award included a trip for him and me to attend CinemaCon in Las Vegas. CinemaCon is the largest and most important motion picture theater industry event.

We decided it would be fun to go a few days early to go sightseeing at Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. My husband took on the task of arranging a rental car for us. After arriving at the car pick-up location, I quickly realized by the look on my husband’s face that he had goofed. Without paying much attention to the vehicle description and more to the price, we ended up with a Chevy Spark for three days. If you are unfamiliar with the Chevy Spark, it is the smallest car from Chevy.

So, here I am in the rental car pick-up lot, looking at what I can describe as a baby car. The Spark is listed as a four-passenger hatchback, and with a 6′ tall guy and a 5’3″ short girl with luggage, two more people did not fit inside. I wondered what my husband thought when he booked it. Before I could ask him, I got my answer. He looked at me and said it was a great price, and I didn’t know what a Spark was. We squeezed into the baby car for the next three days, laughing at how we must look to other drivers. Our experience in not knowing our travel style was minor compared to some. It could have been disastrous if we had planned to do longer drives or had others with us.

We learned what travel style means to us, what parts we can change, and the features we won’t change. For the record, ever since then, my husband has left all travel plans to the expert in our house. It’s a good thing he has a live-in travel advisor. In closing, when figuring out your travel style, be honest when asking yourself what will make me comfortable, relaxed, and refreshed. Some vacations are for the sole purpose of pushing us outside of our comfort zone. That is why evaluating your travel style before every trip is vital to having the best time.

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HI! I am the owner of Adventures by Cyndi Travel Agency. I have loved traveling ever since I was little and enjoy sharing what I have learned with others. My "second job" is as a taxi driver for my teenage daughter and my dad. Honestly, I'm not sure which keeps me busier. Either way, I wouldn't change it for the world.

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