Your Adventure Begins…

When You know what adventure travel is

Adventure travel has three elements. Your adventure begins with a trip involving a perceived or actual risk being physical (skill levels can vary), interacting with culture, and engaging with nature. When two out of the three elements are being met, you are experiencing adventure travel.

The significant part about adventure travel is that the physical element does not have to be extreme. When you stop and think about your past trips, I’m sure several examples of adventure travel might come to mind. Adventures by Cyndi works with the top active and adventure destinations and suppliers worldwide. Check out some of our adventure experiences here.

With Action


“Pursuing an activity at a particular place or in a particular way.”

With Culture


“Customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a nation, people, or social group.”

With Nature

“The phenomena of the physical world including plants, animals, landscape.”

Your Adventure Begins…

When you encounter unique experiences

We know the thrill of adventure. Near or far, the possibilities of a unique experience are limitless. We specialize in curating custom itineraries tailored to your travel style. When your adventure begins is up to you.

Do you want to explore at your own pace or with a group? We have an adventure just for you. From canyons to glaciers, the choice is yours. If you have your sights set on hiking the Inca trail in Machu Picchu or learning to make authentic Italian cuisine. We have you covered.

Your Adventure Begins…

With Leisure Travel

When we take a break from the everyday

Leisure travel is more than relaxation. When you take a trip to enjoy entertainment, special holidays, hobbies, and more are examples of leisure travel. This type of travel can be experienced solo, as a couple, with family and friends, or with your favorite group. A few suggestions to consider are; all-inclusive resorts (domestic or international), cruising (ocean or river), theme park resorts (Disney, LEGOLand, Universal, Seaworld, etc.), rail travel (domestic and international), and so many more options.

Adventures by Cyndi works with the top leisure destinations and suppliers worldwide. Check out some of our leisure experiences here.

Your Adventure Begins…

tropical flowers with pink white and yellow petals with a blurred background of palm leaves

When you work with a Trusted Travel Advisor

We understand that travel is an investment in yourself. It is essential to work with a trusted travel advisor who will be there for you before, during, and after returning home. Don’t trust the vacation of your dreams to just anyone. When working with a specialist, you have their expertise and experience at your fingertips.

Learn more about Adventures by Cyndi here.

Your Adventure Begins…

With Our Specialities

Adventure Travel

Adventures by Cyndi partners with the best adventure suppliers in the industry to bring you one-of-a-kind trips from riding rapids to expeditions with monkeys.

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Leisure Travel

Leisure Travel is all about reconnecting with friends, family, and popular destinations. Whether it be on land or sea Adventures by Cyndi has the perfect leisure vacation for you.

Your Adventure Begins…

By protecting your travel adventure

Life happens when you least expect it. Don’t travel without protecting your travel investment?

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